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"Where's the Pacifier?" Chewbeads Pacifier Clips

Take the mystery out of finding your baby’s pacifier with our collection of adorable “Where’s the Pacifier?” binky clips! Baby pacifier holders from Chewbeads will safely and securely attach to your baby’s clothing, preventing the pacifier from dropping on the ground when your little one isn’t busy using it. With colorful beads and four cute designs, these are adorable and practical accessories for your baby.

Charm your little one with a paci clip shaped like a dinosaur, butterfly, sheriff’s badge, or heart! Not only do the beads of our pacifier clips match the colors and design of each clip, but some of the beads even glow in the dark to make them easy to find at night or after naptime is over. These clips make perfect gifts for baby boys and baby girls. Your child will love the bright colors and fun shapes – and who doesn’t love a little bit of glow? Day and night, these clip on pacifier holders make the perfect baby accessory.

The clips are easy to use. Just slip the ribbon loop through the handle of your baby’s pacifier and pull the clip through the loop, securing the pacifier to your baby’s clothing. Our pacifier clips are easy to attach to clothes of all sorts, but shouldn’t be attached to cords, bands, or belts. Once attached to clothing, though, the clips have a solid grip. It’s easy to keep safe with our clip on pacifier holders for babies!

Our binky clips are made from 100% non-toxic silicone, and have no BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, or metals. They’re safe for your baby to wear, and are quick to clean with a rinse in soap and water! For fun day trips or just for staying at home, choose our paci clips to make sure your little one’s pacifier stays safely secured.