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100% Silicone Wipes Clutch: wipes on-the-go at every stage.  Dual pouch fits up to 30 wipes on one side, and endless options on the other.  Diapers/cream for babies, snacks/bibs for toddlers, and keys/bandaids/phone for a day at the park for big kids. CB Go By Chewbeads 100% Silicone Wipes Case
Price: $28.00
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Chewbeads 100% Silicone Wipes Cases

With baby wipes cases from Chewbeads, it’s easy to stay ready for anything. Our silicone pouches are portable, convenient, and stylish – perfect for holding anything from a phone and set of keys to portable snacks and a bib for your little one! And of course, each of these travel wipes cases has a place for your baby wipes. These cases hold anywhere from 25-30 wipes in their own slot, the better to keep all of your belongings safe and dry. Despite all of this room, our baby wipes clutches feature a slim design that won’t take up much space in a bigger bag and easily attaches to a stroller. They marry function and fashion to make the perfect wipe case for your diaper bag.

Our baby wipes holders are a sensible option for taking baby wipes on the go. The cases have magnetic closures and silicone lips – so the wipes are easy to access, and stay nice and moist for when they’re needed. Whether in a stroller, in a tote, or carried on their own, Chewbeads baby wipe travel cases make it convenient and comfortable to carry wipes with you during your day.

Just because our baby wipe clutches are designed for transporting wipes, though, doesn’t mean that they don’t have other uses! With their fun color combinations and handy adjustable wrist straps, these cases make the perfect bags for a trip around town, a day at the beach, or a stop at the grocery store. Our baby wipes cases are made out of 100% safe silicone, so they aren’t afraid of a trip through the rain or a little bit of dirt. Colorful, spacious, and easy to clean, you’ll love our travel baby wipes cases. Order one for yourself and one for a friend! They’ll save you a little bit of time and a little bit of worry during your next vacation – or any time you want to keep your belongings close at hand.