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Juniorbeads Sensory Items

Juniorbeads jewelry doesn’t just look pretty. The products from our Juniorbeads line also make great sensory items for kids. With their bright colors and soft, chewable textures, they’re perfect for any child who needs to fidget. Let your little one feel safe and comfortable when out and about! Give them one of our sensory products (or maybe a few!) to let them occupy themselves.

All of our chewing necklaces, pendants, and bracelets are made of soft silicone. They’re 100% non-toxic and BPA-free, so they’re always safe for your child to chew. Don’t let your little one bite their fingernails or chew on their hair! Give them an option that’s safe, fun, and fashionable with our silicone sensory products.

We have sensory items for kids of all kinds. Your little princess will love our fun pink and purple bangles, and any astronaut in training will be ready for launch with a spaceman pendant for company. What kid wouldn’t love a piece of glow in the dark jewelry? With our Bleecker Jr. necklaces and Charles Jr. bangles, any sleepover or Halloween celebration will have a glow of its own.

Try out our Juniorbeads sensory products for any child who wants to combine function and fashion. They’re bright, fun, and perfect for any playtime – whether they’re headed out to the playground or getting ready for a game of dress-up. Our line of necklaces, dog tags, pendants, and bracelets is sure to have the perfect option for your child’s new favorite accessory…and since they’re safe to wear and easy to clean, we bet our Juniorbeads jewelry will be your new favorite too.

Juniorbeads sensory items are intended for kids ages 3 and up. If you’re looking for teething jewelry for parents to wear and babies to chew, take a look at our Chewbeads teething products & accessories.