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Juniorbeads Skinny Charles Jr. Bangle Jr - Black Juniorbeads Skinny Charles Jr. Bangle Jr - Black
Price: $6.00
Clearance - 25% off!! $4.50
Juniorbeads Skinny Charles Jr. Bangle - Chartreuse Juniorbeads Skinny Charles Jr. Bangle - Chartreuse
Price: $6.00
Clearance- 25% off!!! $4.50

Juniorbeads Jewelry for Kids

We’ve expanded our jewelry line from teething necklaces to juniors’ jewelry! Juniorbeads jewelry works for ages 3 and up. For teething toddlers or older kids who need a way to stay occupied, our bracelets and bead necklaces for kids are a fun and colorful way to let your child chew while staying chic. Take a look at our line of juniors’ jewelry and find the perfect match for your kids!

All our stylish jewelry for kids is made from 100% non-toxic, BPA-free silicone. We have bracelets and necklaces for sale – choose between a rainbow of bright colors available for each. We also have pendants in fun shapes, like sharks and spacemen, for safe chewing. Your child can use our juniors’ jewelry as a sensory tool or as a fun accessory for playing dress-up. With Juniorbeads the possibilities are endless!

Some of our Juniorbeads items also match classic Chewbeads necklaces and bracelets. Does your little girl love your Bleecker baby chewing necklace? Order her a matching glow-in-the-dark Bleecker Jr. necklace for kids! Or maybe you want to pick up a set of silicone dog tags for your little fighter? We have two colors of dog tag necklaces for kids, to match our Chewbeads black dog tags. We carry more than matching children's necklaces! You can also find Skinny Charles Jr. bangles that fit little wrists.
Juniorbeads jewelry for toddlers and kids is perfect for getting your mini fashionista ready for the runway at a young age. And since our kids’ bead necklaces and bracelets contain no chemicals and are dishwasher safe, they’re more than a fashion statement: they’re a safe choice for your little one.